Delivery Day!

Psst..we are packing up a BIG delivery from the one and only Rogue & Wolf today. We have now done a massive re-stock of their magical black goods, and as you may know Rogue & Wolf is a UK based brand, so therefore we made an extra large re-stock now in Mars so you do not have to worry about Brexit this or Brexit that. We ship from Gothenburg, Sweden and offer FREE shipping within the European Union!

Back in stock is their spell-binding Cauldron mug and a large selection of their classic black matte rings.

The Cauldron mug, perfect for pots, potions and your daily dose of caffeine.

New to us is their Sinbook, an elegantly dark illustrated notebook and diary, conjured to hold your innermost sins and worries.

Helps to de-stress and unburden your mind. Write your sins in the morning and your fortunes at night.

Click here to view all R&W items.



Welcome Glitter Punk!

We are thrilled to welcome brittish unicorn pin maker Glitter Punk to the Hellaholics family!  Glitter Punk is a London based brand who always produces super cute colourful enamel pins in high quality. Such as this Witches Brew enamel pin cup with a green glittery potion.


Know your power black glitter pin! Embrace your inner strength, and let this witchy enamel pin serve as a friendly reminder on your leather jacket 🙂

Click here to view all pins from Glitter Punk.

Raven hair and ruby lips, sparks fly from her fingertips …

Last year we did a blog post about raven beauty and alternative model @andreale.garcia . Since then we have had the pleasure to work togheter and Andrea has created several sets with magical photos, amongst other this dark enchanting set 🖤🖤🖤.  Andrea is wearing our Bold Skull Cross Necklace as a choker and Hella sterling silver rings.

Crystals, skull rings and roses models own. Find more inspiring dark images from Andrea on her instagram @andreale.garcia  🖤🖤🖤.

From the Dark North – Hellaholics Birch Wood Collection

Häxa Black Wooden Necklace:  SE: Häxa, ENG: Witch;  a title once given to free spirited knowledgeable women in both awe and disgust. This necklace is our small tribute to all the women who through centuries have stood their ground and ever to often had to pay with their lives.

High-quality birch wood necklace with the word Häxa written in nordic style inspired by runes. Designed in-house, custom made for Hellaholics and produced in Finland,




Birch wood necklace with a classic Helm of Awe symbol.  Choose between vegan suede cord (lets leave the animal killing with the Vikings) with non-allergic stainless steel settings or nickel free metal alloy chain.  The Helm of Awe is a Nordic protective symbol believed to offer protection from illness and disease, and to protect against the abuse of power.

Norse Priestess Black Wooden Necklace with a nordic triple moon symbol. Designed in-house, custom made for Hellaholics and produced in Finland. Light-weight, comfortable for everyday wear.

Sterling Silver Ring Sizes

Just a friendly reminder :).  As we wrote in our last post, our sterling silver collection keeps on growing and we are to the moon happy about that you enjoy the new rings as much as we do :).

But please remember that you may not have the same size on all fingers, if you for example normally wears size 7 on your ring finger, then you would benefit from sizing up and buy a ring in size 8 to wear on your middle or index finger to achieve the layered look 🙂



New 925 Sterling Silver Sorcery

Our Sterling Silver collection keeps on growing. We are welcoming a petite Pentagram pendant with pagan vibes, An enchanting wand with a clear Crystal Quartz Crystal Ball for the modern day sorcess on the go and a lot of clean classic Crescent Moon jewellery; both necklaces, earrings and rings.

Huntress Moon ring with a beautiful Rainbow Moonstone.

Together with much much more Sterling Silver 925 certified prettiness, click here to view the full collection.



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