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  • Pro Cats Tote Bag By Punky Pins

    149.00 kr

    Deluxe heavy cotton tote bag with the statement “Pro choice, pro feminism, pro cats” from Punky pins #yourbodyyourrules




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  • Poster The Lovers, Tarot.

    279.00 kr


    The Lovers, Card 6. Ruled by Gemini, the Lovers represent harmony, love, union, relationships, values & choices. It can often refer to the obvious and most literal meaning of romantic love, indicating an incredibly strong bond that is reflective of a very intimate, very close relationship (like that of a marriage or soul-mate connection), or an intense desire or lust that goes beyond instant gratification. The Lovers card can also indicate that a moral crossroads is looming in your life. Your value system may be being challenged & a definitive choice must be made – a choice, which will be neither easy nor obvious. Deeply examine your motives, be honest with yourself & your feelings & know that sometimes walking your own path can mean going against those who wish you to go in the opposite direction.


    Bird Black is the brainchild of Canadian-born, Australian based illustrator, Jacqueline Schlender.  Her artistic influences are broad-ranging from classical, nature, mythology, Americana, ancient history and literature – always playing on the juxtaposition between darkness and light, creation and death.



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  • Nasty Women Club Tote Bag By Punky Pins

    149.00 kr

    Deluxe heavy cotton tote bag with the statement “Nasty women club” by Punky Pins #sisterhood




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  • Crystal Pouch

    129.00 kr



    A set of carefully selected polished pocket stones, featuring 1 clear quartz stone, 1 light pink rose quartz stone  and 1 purple ametrine. A good way to always carry helpful energies with you or to use as an alluring decoration.

    * Clear Quartz is known as the “master healer” and will amplify your energy and thoughts, as well as the effect of other crystals. It is said to help to increase your energy, keeping your mind clear- to learn from past experiences so you can make better choices in the future.

    * Rose Quartz is known as a crystal of unconditional love. It carries a soft feminine energy of compassion and peace, nourishment and comfort. Believed to speak directly to the Heart Chakra, dissolving emotional wounds, fears and resentments, allowing the capacity to both truly give and receive love from others.

    Ametrine is a mixture of Amethyst and Citrine. It carries the energy of both of these stones, and is a harmonious blend of their energies:

    * Amethyst crystals are known for their healing properties, helps in relieving stress and increasing calmness, boosts self esteem and increases spiritual and intuitive awareness. It is said to help against insomnia and to bring a peaceful sleep, and to help you overcome your fears and cravings.

    * Citrine is a stone said to bring clarity into your life. It helps you to make clear decisions following what your heart knows is right. It strengthens your ability to use imagination, brings forth a positive attitude and is also called the stone of business since it attracts commerce.

    Stones size about 3cm x 2cm /  1,2inches x 0,7inches.

    Please note that this natural gemstones, sizes and colouring might vary as each stone is different and unique.

    Delivered packed in a black velvet pouch.

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