Ring of Salt! Pretty in Punk!

Say welcome to our latest addition to our patch and pin collection, the brand Pretty in Punk! We are thrilled now to be selling a selection of their gems, the ring of salt patch is a favourite!

A perfect patch for those who want to perform spells on the move, need simple words to help ward off negativity, or want something to help visualise a protective circle when unable to physically cast one. A great addition to any jacket or denim vest for added mental protection ?

Ring of Salt patch 79:- SEK

A tribute to our all time favourite colour.  All Black Everything Crystal Ball pin 99:- SEK

History repeats itself?

Deeply saddened to hear about yet another election going to hell (in our opinion). Yet another xenophobic party from the very far right making strong progress and reaching real parliamentary power! This time in Germany, but it is the same trends/movements here in Sweden and you can see similar patterns in several countries in the western world now.

It makes me sad from the very bottom of my heart!  I am firm beliver in that you always can achive more and better things if you work together, If you show understadning and empathy and help those less furtunate than yourself. Hate feeds only hate.

This (often ironic) patch from Life Club UK feels sadly accurate today.

// Hannah, The Hellaholics