Andreale Garcia

While social media can be daunting and somewhat demanding, one thing I love about it is find new inspiring accounts from all over the world. Accounts and persons that  you wouldn’t know existed otherwise. A recent discovery that we have posted about on our own instagram page @hellaholics is photografer and alternative model @andreale.garcia ???. Her account is filled to the brim with gothic inspiration and beautiful imagery featuring a lof of Rogue and Wolf Jewellery.   

Check it out ? ?

Rogue and Wolf Matte Black rings, Hellaholics serpent snake sticker, Crystals models own.


Gift Guide – Cat mama!

Looking for X-mas gifts for someone who loves her furry friends? We got you covered, here is a selection with jewellery and accessories with cats and kittens, see links below:

Cat skull choker by Rogue & Wolf here.

Sweater dress from Killstar Co, from

Mystical Cat pins by Punky Pins here

Cat Familiar Earrings by Rogue & Wolf, here

Celestial Cat patch, custom made for Hellaholics, here. 

Cat Familiar Ring by Rogue & Wolf, here.

Fortune Teller Cat by Punky Pins, here.   

My Little Scorpion – Large Rogue & Wolf Re-Stock!

Old and new favourites from Rogue & Wolf now in store. Including their magical cauldron mug in pitch black porcelain and jewellery from their latest collection “My little scorpion”. Plus our personal favourite the large celestial Eclipse ring in matte black!

Add magic to every brew with this beauty.  It’s very spacious and holds a whooping 400ml so plenty of space for all your spells, potions, alchemy, and hazelnut latte of course!

The circle of life balances on the sting of a scorpion. The young Shaman discovered her hidden talent when first stung by that scorpion. Balancing on the knife edge between this world and the next, she awoke to truths better left forgotten. Like a young phoenix she rose from the ashes of her old life. “Come” she said, “My little scorpion. Show me the truth one more time.”

My Little Scorpion is an esoteric collection of symbols of the circle of life and all that balance within it. Truth and lies, violence and serenity, slumber and enlightenment, life and death. Playing with knowledge is a dangerous game. Awaken into a new self with the knowledge of aeons. Become something entirely new with your little scorpion.

Eclipse Ring in Black. ” In the shadow of the Eclipse, the sun is at peace and the moon restores our spirit. A guiding crescent ring with powerful runes to sit quietly by your side”

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