@tavujesus, the magical ice princess wearing our circle of life amethystnecklace and sterling silver rings with moonstone stone.
The Image is showing @tavujesus with a pale skin, white hair, dark eyes, blacklips and a black septum piercing wearing a crown made of flowers and amethyst stones. On her fingers, you can see the sterling silverring with a moonstone and a crescentmoon ring. Around her neck, you can see the amethystnecklace that has a round circle pendant with 3 raw amethyst stones attached.

Amethyst crystals are very powerful. The amethyst stone is a spiritual and protective stone. It is believed to help you deal with stress and anxiety, especially stress at work. The gemstone will also help you control addiction and give you balance in life instead.
Amethyst crystals will help your mind stay clear and focused.