– How to measure your ring size

Ring circumference instructions
Ring diameter instructions

Alternative A
1. Select a ring that you are happy with, use it as a reference, lay it flat.
2. Measure the inner ring diameter using a millimetre ruler.
3. Choose the ring size closest to your measurement, see inner diameter millimetre (mm) measurements in the chart below.

Alternative B
1. Wrap a piece of string or dental floss around the thickest part (often the knuckle) on your chosen finger, do not pull tight.
2. Use a pen to mark a point on the string where the string end meet the string.
3. Measure the string/dental floss length from the end to your marking using a millimetre ruler, this is your finger circumference.
4. Choose the ring size closest to your measurements, see the circumference millimetre (mm) measurements in the chart below.

Please note that our rings are measured in millimetres (mm) and that is small. A hair strand is for example often between 0.04 to 0.08mm. So if your ring size for example is 17.75mm and we only have 18mm, the difference between these 2 sizes are minimal, the larger ring will still fit.

Measurment Chart

Ring Size 3

Diameter: 14mm
Circumference: 44mm

Ring size 3.5

Diameter: 14.5mm
Circumference: 45.5mm

Ring size 4

Diameter: 14.9mm
Circumference: 47mm

Ring size 4.5

Diameter: 15.3mm
Circumference: 48mm

Ring Size 5

Diameter: 15.6mm
Circumference: 49mm

Ring Size 5.5

Diameter: 16.1mm
Circumference: 51mm

Ring Size 6

Diameter: 16.6mm
Circumference: 52mm

Ring Size 6.5

Diameter: 16.9mm
Circumference: 53mm

Ring Size 7

Diameter: 17.2mm
Circumference: 54mm

Ring Size 7.5

Diameter: 17.7mm
Circumference: 55.6mm

Ring Size 8

Diameter: 18.15mm
Circumference: 57mm

Ring Size 8.5

Diameter: 18.5mm
Circumference: 58mm

Ring Size 9

Diameter: 19mm
Circumference: 59.7mm

Ring Size 9.5

Diameter: 19.5mm
Circumference: 61mm

Ring Size 10

Diameter: 19.8mm
Circumference: 62mm

Ring Size 10.5

Diameter: 20mm
Circumference: 63mm

Ring Size 11

Diameter: 20.6mm
Circumference: 64.7mm

Ring Size 11.5

Diameter: 21mm
Circumference: 66mm

Ring Size 12

Diameter: 21.4mm
Circumference: 67mm

Ring Size 12.5

Diameter: 21.7mm
Circumference: 68mm

Ring Size 13

Diameter: 22.3mm
Circumference: 70mm

Ring Size 13.5

Diameter: 22.6mm
Circumference: 71mm