” The last you put on and the first you take off” –  A great guideline for caring for your jewellery.

When styling yourself and choosing your outfit make sure that you are all set with hair, make-up and clothing before adding the final touch with jewellery.

A necklace chain can easily be tangled in your hair and if unlucky break. Chlorine and sweat can cause your rings to discolour while you work out and harsh chemicals, such as perfume, hair spray, oils and make up- removers can all cause tarnishing and damage.

Removing jewellery is important when you wash your hands, shower or bathe. Particularly important when on the beach, in the sea and in chlorinated water. Keep away from extreme temperatures, humidity and if you can also avoid strong sunlight.

Many crystals are fragile and/or water-soluble and some, such as amethysts, can fade in direct sunlight. When not in use it is a good idea to wrap your crystals in silk or store them in a velvet pouch to protect them and to stop them from absorbing foreign vibrations.

Techniques for charging your crystals with energies can be found online, you need to find out what suits your needs individually.

We advise you to clean your crystals and stones with a clean, soft, damp cloth after wearing them.

Ideally store your jewellery in a dark, cool and dry place such as a ring tray in your drawer or in a jewellery organizer. 


Store your Crystal Jewellery out of sunlight