Rings, necklaces, chokers, bracelets, pins & patches or earrings? What’s your favourite? Can’t choose? Don’t worry! We have good quality jewellery for those on a tight budget, those who loves sterling silver jewellery and bohemian jewelry! As well as for those who are into the occult and gothic fashion. You can find different kinds of jewelry such as; Crystal stone rings, velvet chokers, lace chokers, wrap chokers, bolo necklaces, bracelets, layering rings, long line necklaces, earrings, sterling silver jewellery, amethyst necklaces, crystal quartz and labradorite necklaces, moon necklaces, pentagram necklaces ,rings and earrings, necklaces with vegan leather. And not to forget, jewellery from Restyle and Rogue & Wolf.

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