COVID-19 Global Shipping Update April 10 2020

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Darklings! is open as usual but with precaution and shipping changes due to the now globally spread Corona, COVID-19 virus.

As of today 19 March 2020 we have new shipping restrictions. Parcels are now shipped twice weekly with restrictions (Edit: Update April 10, please see below)

We remain healthy and are working from home in isolation. Hellaholics is as you may know a Scandinavian brand and online store, independently owned and based in Gothenburg, Sweden. It is a two woman brand built with passion, hard work and a touch of magic. We are not a big company, there is no back-up and we lack the financial muscles that big cooperations have. Each order, no matter how big or small truly means a lot to us!

Your support, purchases and feedback is truly heart warming. It keeps us going in these sad very uncertain times. We are hoping to survive this as a company, to continue to provide you with glittery jewellery and are taking every precaution we can.

We are now walking to the studio and packing your orders – taking turns – not even meeting each other! (Hannah (owner) does the core part in packing so that Elina (employee) can remain safe at home).

We carefully wash our hands and use hand sanitizers, the studio is being cleaned and disinfected regularly. Incoming goods are disinfected upon arrival. Your parcels are delivered to the post office staff with no physical contact twice weekly.

Sadly we are currently unable to deliver to South and Middle America, Antarctica, Australia, most non EU European countries and most parts of Asia due to closed borders. The postal service can still provide shipping to the following countries:

All countries within the EU ( except Cyprus and Malta from April 10-2020)
Hong Kong
South Korea
United Kingdom

Please note that shipping times may be pro-longed as all freight system are strained with a lower work force combined with a heavy increase of people ordering delivery of all sorts to their homes and many flights are cancelled worldwide. Please be patient. There may also be national and regional rules and regulations in your area that affect deliveries.

Our thoughts go to all of you who are infected, to the ones that have lost loved ones, to the elderly and the ones with a low immune system, to all of you who work in public to keep society going and to the ones that do not have the privilege of safety in their own home.

With love and our deepest sympathies 😗
// Hannah & Elina
The Hellaholics team