Amethyst crystals are known for their healing properties, helps in relieving stress and increasing calmness, boosts self esteem and increases spiritual and intuitive awareness. It is said to help against insomnia and to bring a peaceful sleep, and to help you overcome your fears and cravings.

Citrine is a stone said to bring clarity into your life. It helps you to make clear decisions following what your heart knows is right. It strengthens your ability to use imagination and is also called the stone of business since it attracts commerce. Similar to amethysts, citrine is also believed to strengthen your self esteem and help you to bring forth a positive attitude.

Clear Quartz is known as the “master healer” and will amplify your energy and thoughts, as well as the effect of other crystals. It is said to help to increase your energy, keeping your mind clear- to learn from past experiences so you can make better choices in the future, as well as to bring more balance, grace, and harmony to your life. It is also a powerful tool to help you keep negative energies at bay.

Hematite is the mineral form of Iron Oxide. It is said to help you to enhance your memory and brings forth original thinking. It helps you to understand that the only limitations are those in your own mind. Hematite fills you with strength, endurance and vitality

The energy of the fluorite stone is believed to change deep rooted patterns within you that you no longer need. It removes chaos in your life and helps you to feel comfortable about the future. It has the same effect of bringing order inside the body as it has on the outside. If you are a creative person with a lot of ideas that sometimes feels that you do not know where to start or how to channel your thoughts into products then this is the stone for you. Fluorite is a also said to be a good help against electromagnetic stress.

Labradorite (also called Spectrolite ) is considered by mystics to be a powerful stone of transformation and magic. It is said to clear, balance and protect the aura, as well as being an excellent stone for general protection. Labradorite can often display a stunning iridescent optical effect. A magical glimmer of colours known as labradorescence, caused by internal fractures in the mineral that reflect light back and forth. Labradorite is a feldspar mineral.

Opalites are known for its subtle but dynamic energy, said to improve communication and interaction on every level. Opalite can help accept changes and give assistance during transitions. It supports communication and gives its owner the strength for self expression as well as uncover hidden emotions. Opalite is a man-made stone.

The fair and lovely Rose Quartz is known as a stone of the heart, a crystal of unconditional love. It carries a soft feminine energy of compassion and peace, nourishment and comfort. Believed to speak directly to the Heart Chakra, dissolving emotional wounds, fears and resentments, allowing the capacity to both truly give and receive love from others.

Sandstone, once created by the old alchemists is a gorgeous very dark blue stone which glitters and catches the light beautifully, just like stars in the night sky. Blue Sandstone is known to bring courage, confidence and willpower and to boost vitality and energy.

Sodalite is a stone believed to give you the push you need to get started with what you need to do. Stop procrastinate. It is said to help us remove blockages and to let go of our guilt feelings. It brings balance between our masculine and feminine side. It increases intelligence and learning, and can unite the logical with the spiritual.

Titanium Quartz also known as Aura Quartz, are known as crystals that brings insight, compassion, energy, excitement and joy into ones life’s experience. It is said to be a an excellent stone for creativity, both for removing blockages to creativity and to enhance creative powers. It is a visual stone, promoting clairvoyance and all forms of “seeing”. Frequently used in meditation.