Yrsa Amber Silver Necklace

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Beautiful sterling silver pendant with a fiery orange genuine Amber stone. Hangs in a sterling silver chain. Perfect for layering.

Certified Sterling Silver 925. Nickel Free.



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Yrsa Amber Silver Necklace

Pendant: 1.5 cm (0.6 inches)
Chain: 45 cm (18 inches)

MATERIAL: Sterling silver
STONE: Amber

Please note that this pendant has a natural gemstone, size and colouring might vary as each stone is different and unique.

Delivered packed in a black velvet pouch.

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Certified Genuine Amber

Amber is an organic gem. Neither a crystal nor a mineral. It was once tree resin in a prehistoric forest, through time it has been fossilized and hardened, sometimes with inclusions of insects and plants. To be classified as Amber this organic gem has to be older than 20 million years!

Amber is often replicated in glass or plastic. Genuine Amber is lightweight, has a wax-like shine, and feels slightly warm to the touch, hence can for the untrained eye be mistaken for plastic. But unlike plastic, it will not have a high gloss shine or a glittering surface. Faux Amber made of glass feels cooler to the touch and is both harder and heavier than genuine Amber.

We only sell genuine Amber from certified suppliers.

Certified Sterling Silver 925

  • We sell allergen safe Certified Nickel-Free 925 Sterling Silver from certified suppliers
  • Unlike common metals, silver’s unique properties allow for creation of beautiful jewellery with intricate details
  • Choose your look – Polish regularly for a bright shine or let it darken naturally for an antique vintage vibe
  • Certified 925 Sterling Silver is Nickel-Free, great for those with nickel allergies. If you are highly sensitive or have other metal allergies, please note that strengthening metals can still cause a reaction in rare cases 
  • The Quality Stamp 925 stands for 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% other metals. Pure silver is too soft for jewellery and is often mixed with copper for durability & strength
  • Silver is a Precious Metal with a value that stands the test of times
  • As a lightweight metal, Sterling Silver is very comfortable to wear


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