Witchy Room & Wall Decor

Forest Witch or Urban gal? Cast a spell with Witchy Room Decor, add an occult poster and turn your home into a magical place.

Enchanted posters from @birdblackbird. Bird Black is the brainchild of artist and illustrator, Jacqueline Schlender. Artistic influences are ranging from classical, nature, mythology, tarot, americana, ancient history and literature – always playing on the juxtaposition between darkness and light, creation and death. The Moon, Buffalo Skulls, Owls, Wolfs and Ravens are often featured on these unique posters.


    Ravenger Wall Plaque

    249 kr

    The dark and mysterious phantom; afterlife totem of the Elysian Corvid. Ravenger wall plaque by Alchemy England.


    Hand painted raven bird skull wall plaque designed in England.


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