Talismans: Amber Shield Viking Ring

Embrace the strength of the forefathers with our stunning Shield Amber Silver Ring! Crafted with attention to detail, this Viking ring is a powerful talisman for those who seek strength and courage 🔥🍂🍁

Authentic Amber Only! Replicas of amber crystals are commonly made using glass or plastic. However, authentic amber is characterized by its lightweight nature, wax-like lustre, and slight warmth when touched (which can lead an untrained eye to mistake it for plastic). In contrast, faux amber crafted from glass tends to feel cooler to the touch and is typically harder and heavier than genuine stone. At our store, we only offer Norse Rings with genuine amber sourced from certified suppliers.

Look at the warm glow in this shield-shaped Viking ring!

As an organic gem, amber is neither a crystal nor a mineral, but a precious piece of prehistoric history. Once tree resin in ancient forests to a harden fossilized beauty, sometimes even with tiny creatures and plants trapped inside. To be classified as Amber, this gem has to be over a million years old 🧡

Let this Viking Ring with Amber stone guide you through the darkness and ignite your inner fire 🔥

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