Raven hair and ruby lips, sparks fly from her fingertips …

Last year we did a blog post about raven beauty and alternative model @andreale.garcia . Since then we have had the pleasure to work togheter and Andrea has created several sets with magical photos, amongst other this dark enchanting set 🖤🖤🖤.  Andrea is wearing our Bold Skull Cross Necklace as a choker and Hella sterling silver rings.

Crystals, skull rings and roses models own. Find more inspiring dark images from Andrea on her instagram @andreale.garcia  🖤🖤🖤.

From the Dark North – Hellaholics Birch Wood Collection

Häxa Black Wooden Necklace:  SE: Häxa, ENG: Witch;  a title once given to free spirited knowledgeable women in both awe and disgust. This necklace is our small tribute to all the women who through centuries have stood their ground and ever to often had to pay with their lives.

High-quality birch wood necklace with the word Häxa written in nordic style inspired by runes. Designed in-house, custom made for Hellaholics and produced in Finland,




Birch wood necklace with a classic Helm of Awe symbol.  Choose between vegan suede cord (lets leave the animal killing with the Vikings) with non-allergic stainless steel settings or nickel free metal alloy chain.  The Helm of Awe is a Nordic protective symbol believed to offer protection from illness and disease, and to protect against the abuse of power.

Norse Priestess Black Wooden Necklace with a nordic triple moon symbol. Designed in-house, custom made for Hellaholics and produced in Finland. Light-weight, comfortable for everyday wear.

Sterling Silver Ring Sizes

Just a friendly reminder :).  As we wrote in our last post, our sterling silver collection keeps on growing and we are to the moon happy about that you enjoy the new rings as much as we do :).

But please remember that you may not have the same size on all fingers, if you for example normally wears size 7 on your ring finger, then you would benefit from sizing up and buy a ring in size 8 to wear on your middle or index finger to achieve the layered look 🙂



New 925 Sterling Silver Sorcery

Our Sterling Silver collection keeps on growing. We are welcoming a petite Pentagram pendant with pagan vibes, An enchanting wand with a clear Crystal Quartz Crystal Ball for the modern day sorcess on the go and a lot of clean classic Crescent Moon jewellery; both necklaces, earrings and rings.

Huntress Moon ring with a beautiful Rainbow Moonstone.

Together with much much more Sterling Silver 925 certified prettiness, click here to view the full collection.



Use your voice!

May it be in 1692 in Massachusetts, 1933 in Germany or 2018 in Sweden; silence and mass hysteria are dangerous! In Sweden it is time for election on both local and national level this Sunday. An xenophobic political party from the very far right is making strong progress and may be reaching real parliamentary power! A party that works against democratic values, immigration and equality.

It makes me sad from the very bottom of my heart! I’m a firm believer in that you always can achieve more and better things if you work together, If you show understanding and empathy and help those less fortunate than yourself.  Hate feeds only hate.

And all it takes for hate to win is silence!

Use your voice come election day this Sunday 🔥💪🏻✨🔮🔥 #fucksd

// Hannah, The Hellaholics





Black Magic Woman Mary De Lis

marydelisx in hellaholics ram skull choker

Gothic beauty Mary De Lis in a gorgeous black lace dress from House of Widow paired with Hellaholics Ram Skull Choker , Killstar Hat and to die for heels!

Ram skulls have a long connection with ancient cultural worship practices, pagan religions and the occult, a long held symbol of determination, drive, renewal, fertility and fiery force! A perfect asscessory for added strength and attitude!

Ram Skull Choker with stainless steel chain 159:- SEK.


You can see more of this raven beauty on her instagram page @marydelisx.

Photos taken by Vasilis Kagkelaris: https://www.facebook.com/vasilis.kagkelaris


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