COVID-19 Global Shipping Update September 13 2020

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Darklings! is open as usual but with precaution and shipping changes due to the now globally spread Corona, COVID-19 virus. (Edit: Update December 29, please see below)

As of 19 March 2020 we have new shipping restrictions. Parcels are now shipped twice weekly. 

We remain healthy and are working from home in isolation. Hellaholics is as you may know a Scandinavian brand and online store, independently owned and based in Gothenburg, Sweden. It is a two woman brand built with passion, hard work and a touch of magic. We are not a big company, there is no back-up and we lack the financial muscles that big cooperations have. Each order, no matter how big or small truly means a lot to us!

Your support, purchases and feedback is truly heart warming. It keeps us going in these sad very uncertain times. We are hoping to survive this as a company, to continue to provide you with glittery jewellery and are taking every precaution we can.

We are now walking to the studio and packing your orders – taking turns – not even meeting each other! (Hannah (owner) does the core part in packing so that Elina (employee) can remain safe at home).

We carefully wash our hands and use hand sanitizers, the studio is being cleaned and disinfected regularly. Incoming goods are disinfected upon arrival. Your parcels are delivered to the post office staff with no physical contact twice weekly.

Sadly we are currently unable to deliver to Antarctica, most parts of Africa, some parts of Asia, South and Middle America,  due to covid and closed borders. The Swedish postal service can now provide shipping to the following countries:

All countries within the EU (at the moment we are unable to ship to the UK due to Brexit).

Aland Islands – Åland
American Samoa
Cayman Island
Cap Verde
Channel Islands
Cook Island
Costa Rica
Faroe Island
Hong Kong
Isle of Man
Kap Verde
Korea Republic
Marshall Island
New Zealand*
Northern Macedonia
Pitcairn Islands
Puerto Rico
Saint Barthelmy
Saint Martin (French part)
Saint Pierre and Miquelon
San Marino
Saudi Arabia
South Africa
South Sudan
South Korea
Sri Lanka
Trinidad & Tobago
United Arab Emirates
US Territories (American Samoa, Marshall Islands, Northern Mariana Islands, Palau, Virgin Islands (USA) & Puerto Rico)
Vatican City State
Western Sahara
Waallis and Futuna

*Shipping to Australia, New Zealand and Brazil is possible but with restrictions.

Please note that shipping times may be pro-longed as all freight system are strained with a lower work force combined with a heavy increase of people ordering delivery of all sorts to their homes and many flights are cancelled worldwide. Please be patient. There may also be national and regional rules and regulations in your area that affect deliveries.

Our thoughts go to all of you who are infected, to the ones that have lost loved ones, to the elderly and the ones with a low immune system, to all of you who work in public to keep society going and to the ones that do not have the privilege of safety in their own home.

With love and our deepest sympathies 😗
// Hannah & Elina
The Hellaholics team

Update 23-03-2021: Brexit, Shipping to the UK?!

British babes! We are now shipping to the UK again on a regular basis, but please note that there may be new import and custom fees (as with all purchases from within the EU). These fees are set by the British government and are out of our control, thus all custom/import fees are your responsibility (it s*cks, we know). To be certain of what rules and fees that may apply please check with your local custom office.

Winter Blues….

Nieves Ring Set

It’s that time of the year when the snow covers the streets, when the sun shines and when the temperature is way to cold for an evening walk. Ooh how I wish this was true!

Unfortunately  the only thing that reminds me of that it’s actually winter right now is the never ending darkness. The weather forecast for Gothenburg this week predicted rain all day, every day (not kidding). I’m okey with that.  As long as I get my cat cuddles, some extra sparkling bling on my fingers and hot coffee 🙂

World Tree Wire Amulet Necklace

It’s also that time of the year when most budgets are a little tight and everything feels quite boring. Luckily we have some budget friendly yet eye catching jewellery that hopefully will cheer you up during this dark months 🙂

 Ohm XL Amulet Necklace 

Man in the Moon Amulet XL Necklace and Sun Amulet XL Necklace

Stay strong! 

Last Minute Gift Ideas ✨

Titanium Druzy Crescent Moon Necklace,

For some, christmas is the best time of the year. For others it can be very stressful or even painful. Maybe christmas has always given you anxiety?
Or maybe you just don’t like celebrating it.

For me, it’s all of that. I love spending time with my friends and family. At the same time I can get anxious about all of the expectations, what to buy, what to cook, what to wear etc.

It’s not always easy buying a gift to someone. Maybe these christmas gift ideas will help you find something.

❤️ / Elina

Metis Crescent Moon Necklace, Elevate Selenite Necklace, Obscure Obsidian Necklace
Crystal Quartz Hair Clip,  Triple Moon Hematite Pendant, Hex Onyx Silver Ring

Hestia Large Crystal Quartz Necklace  , Hemera Triangle Moon Crystal Quartz Necklace

entagram Mid Ring  , Spider Silk Blade Necklace,  Triple Moon Pentagram Ring,
Perverted Passions Pin , Hex Wire Wrap Onyx Necklace, Pentagram Choker

  Pentagram Silver Mid Ring, Triple Moon Pentagram Silver Ring, Aren Silver Mid Ring,
Pentagram Silver Ring, , Magick Silver Ring, Bat Sterling Silver Ring. Wave Silver Ring

Or give the gift of choice with a our gift card and be the winner of presents!

Yule 🌲

This year we wanted to do something special for you, our amazing customers.  A little treat every day to make December a little more exciting. Cause who doesn’t love gifts, and/or pretty jewellery? 

We’ve been working on our very own Advent Calendar where you will be getting different gifts every day until the 24th!  Such as  a free necklace with every order, free ring sets, gift cards, lucky dip pouches and large reductions and much more!

Fint out more on our Instagram @hellaholics

 ❤️/ Elina & Hannah

New in from Restyle!

Not only do we have a new crystal collection online, we’ve also got some new witchy jewellery from Restyle in stock!

There is something about these new pieces that we really like. Large statement pieces, witchy earrings with sterling silver beagles and unique necklaces with intricate details.

Give yourself a little treat this during these dark months or maybe buy your favourite piece to your BFF for x-mas.

Anyhow, these pieces will certainly make someone happy! ( and maybe make the rest jealous 😉 )

Raven Skulls Earrings

Gothic Branch Delta Pendant

Branch Crescent Necklace

Witch broomstick Silver Necklace

Crystal Collection Autumn / Winter 2019

The autumn/winter crystal collection has landed. We have been conjuring up an eye-catching selction of  purple Amethyst, golden shimmering Pyrite, pitch black Obsidian, Tourmaline and Onyx. Together with green enchanting Fluorite, lilac and yellow Amethrine, opalescent milky Moonstone, magical Labradorite, bohemian brown Tiger eye as well as the fiery orange Amber, the fair and lovely pink Rose quartz and spellbinding dark Smoke quartz. Druzy dreams, mesmerizing Geodes and last but not least the master healer Clear Crystal Quartz.

Image above:
Mystic Flower Amethyst Necklace 199 Kr


Circle of Life Bronze Amethyst Necklace 249 kr

Silver dipped Crescent Moon Amethyst necklace 249 Kr

New pieces with Fluorite, such as this magical necklace with a hand-carved Fluorite wolf head amulet  for 399 Kr and the ..

  …Octahedron Dice Fluorite Necklace 269 Kr


Edgy necklace with a large raw irregular shaped silver dipped Tourmaline pendant, set in a large silver toned bail 299 Kr.

Seductive Selenite with silky lustre. Circle of Life Selenite necklace with dark gun metal setting 499 Kr

And last but not least, a lot of new styles with the master healer Clear Crystal Quartz.

Image above:  Sterling silver plated crescent moon with five point cut Crystal Quartz dangling points 399 Kr.

Season of the Witch! Discount code on all Sterling Silver!

New! Witches Hat Sterling Silver Pendant 249 SEK


Black as midnight, black as pitch, blacker than the foulest witch! 🧙‍♀️. Witching season is upon us! Get 20% off on ALL sterling silver with the code ”autumn” at checkout! Valid on all 925 Sterling Silver including rings, earrings, pendants and necklaces 🧙‍♀️🖤.  Offer ends 03-10-2019 CET.


Besom Broom Sterling Silver Pendant 249 SEK


Triple Moon Goddess Pentagram Ring 249 SEK


Raven Pentagram Sterling Silver Pendant 249 SEK


Click here to view all Sterling silver pieces!

Patch Give Away!

FREEBIE time! Autumn is getting closer and we are giving away 1 FREE patch with each order to get your patch game going 🍂 🖤. Choose between our Ram Skull patch or our Celestial Cat patch, simply write cat or skull at checkout! Offer valid from Friday 16/8 2019 to Midnight Friday 23/8 2019!

Custom made ram skull and cat artwork by illustrator Amanda Goldie de Aguiar.

High-quality screen printed patches with cover-stitched edges, a perfect addition to any jacket or denim vest. Made to be sewed on to your favourite garment.

Made by hand & printed with eco-friendly print colour without any harmful chemicals, safe for both the printer & the environment!

Click here to view all the Hellaholics patches.








My Journey

Wearing our clear crystal quartz pendant with a non-allergic stainless steel chain.


Hi! You may have seen my face (or my cats) on Hellaholics social media. I’m Elina, a Hellaholics employee, an inked metalhead, cat mama to Alice & Romeo, 29 years old and living in Gothenburg, Sweden with my fiancé.

I have decided to speak openly about my unorthodox professional journey in hope that in some small way it may help to lift the social stigma that surrounds anxiety and depression. I am the other half of the Hellaholics team and this is my story.

Empowering accessories: Know your power pin by Glitter Punk.


Chapter 1. Everything started back in 2013. I had been struggling for many years with anxiety and was on permanent sick leave. One day I heard about this small group, a group of people who all like me had been struggling in their lives and that met daily at a workshop to sew. I decided to try.

At first I was scared; I had never sewn in my life, I hadn’t worked for many years and my self-esteem was low. But I was curious and I had the most wonderful teacher who gave me so much support and love. At first, I started with just two hours work two times a week and for every month we slowly increased the time with one hour until it was four hours every day. It took me about 2 years to get there. Yes, you read that right. 2 years, step by step!

After a while I actually started to enjoy sewing!  

Image by Cissi Krantz.


Chapter 2. I’ve always loved the rock’n’roll style of the 1970s. The flared pants, the bold colours, the unisex looks, the platform boots and the big hair. I had been looking for those perfect pants for many years so I decided to challenge myself. I didn’t care that I’d only been sewing for a little while. I was stubborn. I learned how to make the “perfect” 70s pants with a little help from my teacher. It was still hard to ask for help. I’ve always been that type of person who wants to learn by myself. By practicing, making mistakes, doing it again, crying, laughing and starting over. I want to do it my way. After sewing over 100 pants, I finally felt quite happy.

Then came this new idea. I wanted to sew pants for other people to wear too so I started my own brand with self-made kimonos and flares. Stone Dust Clothing.  I was really happy until…. I started to want more. I was surprised of wanting more challenges. This was new for me, wanting something more.

Me back in 2017, wearing velvet flares and a kimono made by me.


I first heard about Hellaholics in 2016. I met Hannah (my mentor, boss and founder of Hella) through a mutual friend and it just “klicked”. Hellaholics was growing, she needed help and I needed a job. We share a love for pretty jewellery, have a similar taste in music and are both vegans.

At first I started as a trainee. I had to start slow, 3 hours a day, 5 days a week and with a lot of breaks. I had to listen to my body and not force myself to do anything. I had to learn everything from scratch. How to pack orders, how to receive deliveries, how to take pictures, how to edit, how to think, how to write. It was so many impression; sometimes it felt like my brain would explode. I was scared every minute that I was not good enough to work here but Hannah had a different perspective, she believed in me and guided me every step of the way.

Hellaholics custom made birch wood jewellery inspired by our Nordic pagan past. Designed in-house by me and Hannah as a team. Click the image to view the collection.


I could never ask for a better boss. Hannah has been a big support, always listening to me, telling me to take breaks or go home when she sees that it’s too much. She has helped me grow, become independent and to trust myself. She is not only my boss. She is also my friend. She takes great care of both me and our customers with attention to details, with love and pure passion!

I never thought I would end up here in life. In a small company, working with social media, design and photography and actually feeling proud and happy! I’m now working 6 hours a day and have become an employee. My journey at Hellaholics continues, the brand is growing and I’m growing. 

I’m still learning, still having anxiety but I feel confident. I know there will be darker days, days when I question myself and that to is OK! Life isn’t perfect, it can be painful, but also rewarding and beautiful!

Read more about Hellaholics here:

If you read this far, thank you! And to all our truly wonderful customers who allows Hellaholics to exist- WE LOVE YOU!

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